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Tilt Hub
Craft Metrics

Tilt Hub

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This receiver logs data from an unlimited number of nearby Tilt Hydrometers. Data is stored and analyzed in the Craft Metrics cloud service, and is available to you anytime from anywhere.

This device requires a subscription to Craft Metrics. Don't forget to add a subscription to your cart if you do not already have one.


  • Receives Tilt signals from unlimited Tilt Hydrometers in nearby fermenters
  • Connects to wifi to send real-time data to Craft Metrics for graphing, remote access, mobile alerts, and more.
  • Works with fermenters made of glass, plastic, wood, or light stainless steel
  • LED flashes color of Tilt as each signal is received
  • Mounts conveniently to a wall
  • Displays temperature & gravity with integrated OLED screen
  • No tinkering required; focus on the brewing!

This device is meant for plastic or glass carboys, if you require retrieving a signal from a stainless steel tank please check out our Tri-clamp Tilt Receiver.

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