Tilt Receiver
Tilt Receiver
Tilt Receiver
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Tilt Receiver

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This industrial-grade ceiling-mounted receiver logs data from an unlimited number of nearby Tilt Hydrometers. Data is stored and analyzed in the Craft Metrics cloud service, and is available to you anytime from anywhere.

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The Problem

The Tilt Hydrometer emits a bluetooth wireless signal designed to go through plastic or glass carboys and be picked up by a smartphone up to 25 feet away. Stainless steel fermenters used in professional breweries inhibit the signal and drastically reduce the signal strength. In some cases during our testing, our smartphones couldn’t pick up the signal at all, even when holding them right up to the fermenter.

Our Solution

Craft Metrics provides industrial-strength bluetooth receivers that are up to 40 times more sensitive than a typical smartphone, tablet, or Raspberry Pi computer. They can be mounted to the top of a fermenter, or to the ceiling in the brewery. Multiple receivers can be installed, and they will work together to provide robust coverage over a wide area.

The Tilt receivers are a professional solution for acquiring data from Tilts, and are sensitive enough to get a signal through most stainless fermenters. The receiver mounts to the ceiling and can be powered over the Ethernet connection (PoE), just like a commercial-grade WiFi router. 

Please note that we do not guarantee that the Tilt Receiver will work for all set-ups. Tanks of various constructions may impede the signal. We recommend starting with one receiver to test the signal.

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