Pasteurization Computer Temperature Control Upgrade
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Pasteurization Computer Temperature Control Upgrade

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Please speak with our team before putting in an order for a temperature control enabled pasteurization computer. Please note that this does not include a pasteurization computer. 

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Our pasteurization computer measures pasteurization units (PU) in real time, automating the workflow for in-bottle pasteurization of apple cider or other craft beverages.

  1. Load your pasteurizer
  2. Press a button
  3. Walk away
  4. The buzzer will sound when it's time to remove the bottles

Easy and consistent pasteurization, every time.

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Temperature Control

The Pasteurization Computer can control the bath temperature using the Water Temperature Probe. Connect the 5V output to a mechanical or solid state relay to turn your heater on or off. 


  • 1 Craft Metrics Pasteurization Computer
  • 2 x 2m Temperature Probes
  • 1 Drilled Rubber Bung for for bottles
  • 1 Instructions Sheet
  • 1 Waterproof connector for relay


We purchased the pasteurization computer from Craft Metrics thinking it could help us monitor our process more closely, but we didn’t expect it to revolutionize our pasteurization! Not only does it increase efficiency, it makes bottling (especially solo) far more enjoyable. The app is great too; I can put a batch in for pasteurizing, grab a bite, all the while tracking how far along it is without having to be in the same room. I am so thrilled to have this little unit, I can’t imagine going back to times without it!

- Lauren Wilson, Cider Maker 
Summerland Heritage Cider

We’ve literally halved our pasteurization time on our bottle and canned cider, and even for some non-alcoholic beverages we’re pasteurizing as well. It’s already paid for itself in the two months we’ve had it with labour savings. A big two thumbs up for this device.

- Chris Schmidt, Cider Maker 
Tod Creek Craft Cider